Once Wilson completed remodeling the building, I then imported to SketchUp and tested the model in Crysis. The scale of the building in Crysis was very large and some parts of building were missing. If we see the building from the outside, the model seemed to be perfect, but once we go inside, some walls, floor and ceiling disappear. I tested importing only the problem parts and that was fine. I was not quite sure why it happens. So I fixed this problem by deleting the problem parts in SketchUp, reimported only those parts from Revit, and tested again in Crysis. I needed to delete them before replacing, otherwise it will get flashing. Once one part is fixed, new problems always occur. I needed to redo and test it many times. I found that dealing with various software is not an easy task but I have tried my best and finally we get the perfect form of building.

Too large scale of building inside Crysis

Walls and Ceiling problems

Testing single part inside Crysis

Deleting the problem parts in SketchUp

Reimporting the problem parts